The Otis Historical Commission is delighted to announce that the Ma Historical Commission has doubled the MPPF grant that they awarded in June,2021 to restore the East Otis Schoolhouse.

The Town of Otis was awarded $101,500. Increased from $51,500. The Town has the positive problem of needing to raise more matching funds ($30,000) to utilize the entire grant. Work on the schoolhouse begins this year.

The Otis Historical Commission is also proud to announce that the East Otis Schoolhouse is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This one room schoolhouse was in operation until 1949 and is to be restored to that time period as one of the few remaining examples of mid 20th century education. The level of work the grant covers can range from relatively uncomplicated maintenance to restoration which involves more intervention with repair and replacement of deteriorated historic materials of the building. The level of rehabilitation would involve altering the historic building for a new contemporary use that can include handicapped access.

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Finally, though rare, reconstruction as levels of work may be funded for significant lost buildings or portions of a building. As one would expect, the cost of the various levels of work increases with their scope. Although the current condition of the East Otis School requires extensive reconstruction, it remains as an example of one of the last schoolhouses that was still in use until 1949. The level of work will require complete restoration. It was constructed about 1850 and used until its closure in 1949. The dream of restoring the East Otis Schoolhouse is that much closer to reality. You can get more information by going here.

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