I've been finding a bunch of Berkshire County wildlife videos this summer and I've been lucky that folks who spot these animals have their cell phones and/or cameras handy. We have been able to view some pretty interesting and entertaining videos of wildlife throughout Berkshire County thanks to people sharing their findings on Facebook/local Facebook groups.

There's no doubt that we have seen a plethora of bear activity captured on video in the Berkshires along with bobcats, moose, turtles, racoons and the list goes on and on. One thing I haven't come across until now is a good snake video. South Berkshire resident Ari Zorn shared the following video in The Great Barrington Community Board Facebook group and the Friends of Smiley's Pond Facebook page. Smiley's pond is near the base of Mt. Washington is a valuable asset to the community and one piece of the Karner Brook Watershed ACEC nomination.

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Here's what Ari wrote in the description of the video post.

What you are looking at in this video by my daughter is a large garter snake and a large water snake together . I would guess from their size that they are both female . I find it very interesting that they are together . The very many mysteries of nature . We know very little about the relationships in the animal kingdom. Many people right animals off as mindless and instinctual. I strongly disagree.

So without further hesitation, let's take a look at this very cool video below. Don't you just love nature?

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