If you ever met Berkshire County resident, Kevin Larkin, you'll learn that he's a walking baseball encyclopedia. Kevin eats, sleeps, and, breaths baseball. He has written several books on America's pastime including the following:

  • Baseball in the Baystate
  • Gehrig: Game by Game
  • Cream of the Crop (a list of the top 100 black baseball/negro league players of all-time)

His latest book is entitled 'Big Time Baseball in a Small Berkshire County Town: A History of the Troy's Garage Semi-Pro Baseball Team.'

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That's the great thing about Kevin, he just doesn't write books on topics that many people know about. He digs deep and connects baseball history with Berkshire County. Whenever I speak with Kevin, he can always tie the Berkshires in with America's pastime. Kevin is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research and he's constantly working on articles and book ideas. Simply put, Kevin is a baseball author, researcher, and historian.

I recently spoke with the Great Barrington resident and we discussed his picks on walk-up songs that would be a good match for MLB Hall of Famers. This fantasy list is a work in progress as many more names and songs will be added in the future but for the time being, here are 36 Hall of Famers and walk-up songs that would be a good fit for these legends according to the local baseball authority himself, Kevin Larkin. What are your thoughts on Kevin's picks?

Kevin Larkin's Fantasy Walk-Up Songs for MLB Hall of Famers

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