It's been whole year since my life changed for the better. After living with Polycystic Kidney Disease and being on the transplant waiting list for about two years. I finally received a kidney from a childhood friend John Pitroff who lives here in the Berkshires. You can read my story by going here

It's been a tremendous year as I feel great. No wait, I feel fantastic! If you are familiar with WWF/WWE wrestler the 'Ultimate Warrior,' that's the kind of energy I have now. Always moving and moving fast. Plus a little less than a month ago, I received my one year biopsy and the results were perfect. There is no sign of silent rejection. Woo hoo!

John and I still get together. We hang out about every other month. He's doing well and feeling good too. I helped him move out of his house last month and he was moving and carrying around heavy objects with no issues. We are both doing well and feeling great. What else can I say? If it weren't for John, I would be on dialysis three times a week and life would look a whole lot different. Life is good and I remind myself of that fact everyday. Thanks to John, my wife (Amber), family, friends, neighbors and the entire community for all of your love and support. Here's to you. Cheers! (check out the photos below)