As you have seen many times these past few months, there has been plenty of bear activity in the Berkshires and surrounding areas as folks from all over have been sharing their bear videos on Facebook and in Facebook groups. We have seen a variety of situations featuring our big furry friends including trios of bears walking up to front porches or bears knocking down trash cans. How about bears running up and down trees or bears sniffing and trying to eat cameras? Most of the videos show bears roaming around and looking for something to eat.

There are those rare instances where a camera will catch a bear doing something out of the ordinary. This was the case as a video was recently published online that featured a bear stealing an Amazon package from a Bristol, CT home. What did the Amazon package contain? You guessed it...toilet paper. Lavender at that.

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Maybe this porch pirate knows something that we don't and is stocking up come winter time. Perhaps the bear wants to be ahead of the curve in case, God forbid, there is another toilet paper shortage. In any event, the video is entertaining and in case you haven't seen it by now, you can take a look for yourself.

According to our sister station Cat Country, Kristen Levine told, " Amazon had dropped off the packages maybe five minutes before and I got the alert on my security camera and then I got a second alert five minutes later and I was like taken aback because I wasn’t expecting anyone else in my driveway."

The toilet paper brand turned out to be Angel Soft which the bear didn't care for. This makes sense as brand loyalty would point to Charmin.

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