You have probably noticed for the past month that you could not access Great Barrington's WSBS radio station on 860AM. If you didn't notice, you are one of the few as during that time when 860 was dark, we received numerous phone calls from listeners asking "where's WSBS?" "I want WSBS." "Is my radio broken?"

What Exactly Happened to Great Barrington's Beloved Radio Station? 

Back on May 21 our AM Harris transmitter broke down and went out of commission. It was frustrating because we know how beloved WSBS is to the southern Berkshire community along with surrounding areas. We were told by the engineering team that the parts would be coming in soon but unfortunately soon turned into a month. The reason being is that it's difficult to get parts for this particular transmitter along with the fact that the parts had to come from multiple vendors. Add to that, like with many items being shipped during the pandemic, there was an additional delay in getting the parts needed to get the transmitter back up and running. Trust me, we were as frustrated as our loyal listeners.

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There are Additional Ways to Listen WSBS But Listener Reaction Surprised Us

I told listeners that there were additional ways that they could listen including 94.1FM, on the free WSBS app, on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, and on your Google Home smart speaker. I was surprised because even though some people migrated over to the other listening options, others would tell us that they would just wait until 860 was fixed or they would tell us that they didn't have internet access or they didn't have a cell phone or they didn't have a computer.

Traditional AM Radio is Still Cherished By Many

It just goes to show that in this high-tech digital age there are still plenty of people that want to listen to WSBS on the traditional radio and they want to listen via 860AM. Now you can listen to WSBS by way of any of the listening options that I just mentioned including 860AM. Thanks again for sticking with us for decades upon decades, we truly appreciate it.

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