The Sustainability Coalition of The Southern Berkshire Regional School District is presenting a FREE virtual speaker series featuring six influential leaders in various sustainability fields that aim to inspire action and raise awareness in building a better future for generations.

The sessions are presented by students at Mount Everett Regional High School in Sheffield, Massachusetts. They will be accessible to the public via Zoom as grant support is made possible by The Berkshire Environmental Endowment Fund in conjunction with the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation. 

Sustainability Coalition co-founder and senior Isabella Kemp commented on the significance of these virtual presentations:

"There are many young individuals who are wanting to take action against global warming, inspire change and gain a greater understanding of sustainability. I proposed the idea for a sustainable speaker series because it is important to create a way for students and community members to explore topics that are not easily accessible. I hope community members will take advantage of this great opportunity to learn new ways to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Isabella has teamed up with her co-founder, Cecilia Caldwell, also a senior at Mount Everett as she also commented on the value of these discussions:

"Isabella and I started The Sustainability Coalition because we are passionate about making change in our school and the community. While we are lucky to live in an area that cares deeply about the environment, we recognize there is still work to do. in addition to the speaker series, we've been working on expanding the school's composting program beyond the elementary school. In partnership with dining services at Mount Everett, we hope to replace single-use items with more sustainable compostable options".

Here is the schedule of events that will take place in the upcoming weeks:

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH: Creating Sustainable Systems On Campus featuring U-Mass-Amherst Campus Sustainability Manager Ezra Small.

FRIDAY, MARCH 26TH: The Ecosystem Of Soil in Connection to Self. The featured speaker is the co-founder, Farmer and Director of Community Engagement at Woven Roots Farm, Jen Salinetti.

FRIDAY, APRIL 30TH: Food Systems For Sustainable Communities with the co-founder and Managing Director at Northbound Ventures, Holly Fowles.

FRIDAY, MAY 28TH: Youth and Their Impact On Sustainable Change featuring Jamie Samowitz, the co-founder and Co-Director of Roots Rising.

FRIDAY, JUNE 4TH: Plastic Pollution and Sustainable Solutions. The featured speaker is The Chief Marketing Officer at Boxed Water T-M, Rob Koenen.

FRIDAY, JUNE 25TH: Equitable Climate and Sustainability Solutions at the Local Level. featuring Natalie Narotzsky, the Associate Program Director of the Urban Sustainability Director's Network.

All of these presentations will begin promptly at 5:30 pm followed by a LIVE 20 to 30 minute Q and A session. Pre-registration is required by accessing this link For more details, e-mail Isabella Kemp:

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of The Sustainability Coalition-SBRSD for on-air and on-line usage)

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