As you may have heard by now, Whiskey City will not be performing at 'Sounds of Summer' in Great Barrington this year. I know, it's sad and we find it unfortunate as well.

So, what's the deal?

We spoke with Beth Maturevich from the band and after dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for the past year, the band realized more than ever that they need to take care of themselves, actually take vacations, and spend quality time with their families. It was difficult to get all of the members' schedules to align for a Tuesday night concert. However, it does make room for new bands to play our summer concert series which is indeed the case. You can view the 'Sounds of Summer' 2021 concert schedule by going here.

There is some great news for residents of the southern Berkshires

Even though, Whiskey City wont be able to perform at 'Sounds of Summer,' they will be performing at the same location this weekend. That's right, Whiskey City will be playing at the Great Barrington VFW this Saturday (July 10) from 5-8pm with a rain date of Sunday (July 11). Tickets are $10 at the door and $5 kids under 12.

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What if I want to wait and catch Whiskey City next time?

While you could wait it out, if you want to see Whiskey City in south county, this Saturday is your only chance for this summer. As we mentioned above, the band is on a reduced schedule. If you don't attend this Saturday, you may not get another opportunity to see the band in the southern Berkshires until possibly fall but that's not a guarantee.

Whiskey City Contact Info

Checkout the band's Facebook page.

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