How would you like a bit part in the upcoming play "Ghost-Writer"? Director Macey Levin is specifically looking for an area male in his late 50's to early 60's as the prospective actor will portray novelist Franklin Woolsey who unexpectedly passes away in mid-sentence while dictating dialogue to his secretary, Myra who winds up completing the task at hand after his untimely death has occurred.

Myra continues to encounter obstacles from Franklin's jealous widow and the press as they claim she is forging his work and is trying to entitle herself to his legacy, but deep down inside, this young lady could possess a hidden talent that will surprise everyone that is questioning her given abilities.

This audition for the role of Franklin takes place at 6:30 pm on Monday, November 5th....All prospective male candidates mentioned earlier in this post will meet at Dewey Hall, located at 91 Main Street in Sheffield....All women who are participating in this play have already been cast....You will receive a stipend for those upcoming performances..If interested, call 1-860-435-6928 or you can send an e mail to:

The play will be presented on Saturday, December 15th with 2 shows on tap: a 2:30 pm matinee and an evening performance at 7:30. Some of the reviews call "Ghost-Writer" a must see production....The Wall Street Journal calls this show "an absorbing tale that works marvelously well--a fine wrought piece of entertainment that does just what it sets out to do"....The Philadelphia Inquirer added the show is "tantalizing, understated and lovely"....An engrossing, old fashioned play that focuses about the drama of writing, typing, creativity and love....An extraordinary marriage between fiction and theatre....

To all those who will take center stage for this exciting production here in our tri-state region...."Break A Leg"....Incidentally, that is a "slang" theatre term for "GOOD LUCK"!!


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