A bombshell for the city of Great Barrington as the popular 20 Railroad Street Public House was serving lunch and dinner to their loyal customers up until last night. News about the popular eatery's abrupt closing has sent shock waves to those who relied on making a stop to socialize and dine at this thriving local business in south county.

A sign (pictured above) along with chairs inverted on dining tables was the only remnant of the restaurant's final moments which indicated the establishment was permanently closed as of Friday resulting in a sudden loss of jobs for the staff who worked hard on a daily basis to bring joy to their loyal customers. their future remains uncertain and attempts to contact the owner proved unsuccessful at the present time.

We will keep you posted if any further developments regarding the closing of 20 Railroad Street become available to us as we are experiencing a true void in our community with the closing of a beloved local business in the city of Great Barrington

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