Attention Berkshire TV viewers: Get out your local news score sheets. Why you ask? Have you noticed a shortage or lack of sports coverage on your local news? In neighboring Springfield, they don't even have a sports segment on their evening news at channel 22 and Western Mass News and it seems like my top choice for news, WRGB (CBS 6) is sans a sports department as well. Chet Davis is now co-anchoring the morning news alongside Julia Dunn and last week, Gardner Royce has abruptly left the station for reasons unknown. This is what he wrote on his Twitter page regarding his shocking exit:

"Life works in funny ways. Today was my last day at WRGB-CBS6. I am so proud of what Brittany, Chet and I accomplished since we all joined forces in 2017. It's been a true pleasure to cover the capital region's teams, players, coaches and fans. I'll miss running into people on the sidelines, but plan to catch some games from the stands"

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In the tweet, Royce mentioned Brittany as he referred to former Sports Director Brittany McHatten who left the station 2 years ago and moved to Maine where she currently anchors the 6 pm news at WABI in Bangor. The evening sportscasts are now being farmed by CBS 6's sister station in Syracuse, New York (WSTM) as Tommy Sladek and Samantha Croston are alternating shifts to present some form of athletics to their Albany counterpart. There are times when my near and dear friend, Liz Bishop is at times presenting the day's recap of sports if the Syracuse duo are unavailable to farm a feed out east.

The Schenectady based TV station has seen some departures including morning co-anchors, Jack Lamson who is now brewing and selling beer (legitimately) from his Clifton Park garage and Melissa Lee who opted to spend more time with her two children as the grueling morning schedule interfered in her family agenda. Veteran reporter Steve Maugeri also exited in January to take a job as a multi-media journalist at Spectrum news in Cleveland, Ohio. Thank goodness, the turn over was not as hectic here as you cannot compare to the mess that is going on at news Channel 13 in neighboring Menands.

Royce has not announced what he will be up to but we do know he is "taking a break" from TV as his upcoming adventures will focus on the realm of sports as he also tweeted the following thread:

"At this point, I'm not going to comment on what's next, but I would refer you to my brief statement I posted on twitter tonight"

You can follow Gardner's escapades by accessing his Twitter page. We'll let you know if he resurfaces on the horizon. I personally thought this young man had the knowledge and drive of delivering an excellent product on camera. I don't think we have seen the last of his sports savvy as of yet. I'm STILL waiting for his connection on the Linked In network, but being he is pre-occupied at the moment, it can wait.

(Photo of Gardner Royce courtesy of Linked-In. CBS 6 logo courtesy of WRGB's Facebook page)

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