The Berkshire Community Land Trust (BCLT) and Community Land Trust in the Southern Berkshires (CLTSB) welcome newly elected member Bill Shein and re-elected members Harry Conklin and Robin Zeamer to their Boards of Trustees, each for 3-year terms. A community land trust board is designed to be representative and balanced in its administration of the organization’s activities and assets. The identical boards are made up of nine residents of Southern Berkshire County: three leasing member representatives, three non-leasing member representatives and three professional community representatives.

Leaseholder Representative: Robin Zeamer joined the board in 2012 as a leaseholder member representing Forest Row, and begins her 3rd term as President of the Forest Row Association's Management Committee. She is a political activist, and is co-founder of the Berkshire Columbia Investment Network.

Community Representative: Bill Shein is a writer and technology consultant who works with nonprofit organizations on IT infrastructure, data management, and operations/capacity-building. He lives in Alford, MA.

Professional Representative: Harry Conklin is a founding member of the CLTSB Board of Trustees in 1980. Harry has been practicing law in the Berkshires since 1980. He lives in Sheffield, MA with his wife Ali.

About CLTSB and BCLT:

The Community Land Trust in the Southern Berkshires is a 501(c)(2) founded in 1980 to hold land on behalf of the community for homes, farms and businesses with the goal of ensuring permanent access, control, affordability and environmental stewardship. Control of strategic land assets for workforce housing, food security and community-supported industry is essential to our regional sustainability. CLTSB manages 49 acres of community-owned land in Great Barrington and Egremont, leased to 21 homeowners, a farm, Indian Line Farm, and two non-profits, the Schumacher Center for a New Economics and Stanton Home.

Berkshire Community Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) education nonprofit founded in 2015 by CLTSB to serve all of Berkshire County with programs that increase public awareness of the interconnectedness of land values, social diversity, food security and economic opportunity.

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