Massachusetts residents: If you are a fan of this legendary musical performer, you might want to head towards south county. Why you ask? I have the answer:

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Singer, songwriter and Washington resident Arlo Guthrie will be LIVE at The Triplex Cinema on Saturday afternoon.

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The theater located on Railroad Street in Great Barrington will present a 4pm screening of “Alice’s Restaurant” followed by a conversation with Guthrie and Matthew Penn, the son of Arthur Penn, who directed the 1967 film.

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The forum is part of a curated film series of movies all shot on location in the Berkshires. The film was inspired by Guthrie’s arrest in Stockbridge for illegally dumping garbage on private property in 1965 on Thanksgiving Day after finding the dump was closed for the holiday. In other words, the 17 plus minute record is based on a story that occurred here in our backyard.

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His arrest then runs him into a road block for the draft during the Vietnam War. The majority of this movie was shot in various south county locations including Stockbridge, Great Barrington and Housatonic on a low-budget and the end result was a robust dividend as film goers locally and nationally thrived on this story in more ways than one.

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Tickets are $50 per person as all proceeds will go towards assistance in paying expenses to keep the theater running in south county. You can secure your spot by logging on to The Triplex's web site. Not only will you get the chance to revisit a cult classic, but you'll also be helping out a worthy cause at the same time.

Keep in mind, we air the entire album version of "Alice's Restaurant" which has become a yearly Berkshire county Turkey day tradition. We'll keep you posted on exact air dates and times.

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