Over the past several months we have shared a number of wildlife videos. Most of the videos were taken in Berkshire County. As we have mentioned in a previous post, the summer of 2021 was dubbed the 'Summer of Bear' in the Berkshires. There were many videos of bears either roaming around, looking for food, climbing trees, doing some back-scratching and even displaying curiosity as they would approach decks and porches. These videos were shared on many local Berkshire County Facebook group pages.

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Another video that was recently shared on Facebook features what appears to be an injured black bear chowing down on some high bush blueberries in the Berkshire County town of Peru and then he roams off into the woods. In the video, you can see where the bear has marks and missing fur. Plus, he has major damage to his snout area as it appears his nose was ripped off. According to the description in the video, it is believed that the bear was in a fight with another male bear. According to the Mass Dept of Fish & Wildlife, the injured bear will most likely survive. You can take a look at this video below.

Some of the comments on the video are included below:

-Wow. If we did not see this, we forget about what really happens out there. Poor thing.

-Awfully big bear can't imagine how big the other bear was that challenged him.

-I would not want to run into him in the woods alone.

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