Berkshire County is a dream destination for tourists as they come from all walks of life to explore and experience our beautiful community and culture. For me, living in the area my entire life I sometimes take it for granted but all I have to do is take a look at the beauty that surrounds me and I'm reminded about all of the things I love about our hometown community. It's not just me either. Since the pandemic began think about all of the homes that have been scooped up from people getting out of the city and heading to our beautiful land. Real Estate agents can't keep these sanctuaries on the market.

When entering our community from New Lebanon, NY, there's  a sign that reads "Welcome to the Berkshires: America's Premier Cultural Resort." That sign says it all and many agree including 24/7 Wall Street. Their lifestyle magazine Tempo 24/7 compiled a list which is entitled: The 23 Most Charming Towns in America. The magazine based their selection on the following criteria:

  • Size of small towns and the fact that they are often less crowded than bigger communities
  • Quality of life
  • Light traffic/less traffic problems
  • Friendliness of the town residents
  • Civic pride

Beaufort, South Carolina topped the list. Their current total population is 13,404 and the town is packed with mansions, museums, plenty of recreational activities and a very rich history.

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Only one Berkshire County town made the list and that is Stockbridge which placed 21st. With a current population of 1,795, Stockbridge is a great fit for this list. Think about the beauty, culture and attractions our Berkshire town has to offer including the following:

  • The Norman Rockwell Museum
  • Berkshire Botanical Gardens
  • Naumkeag Mansion and Gardens
  • Chesterwood
  • Plenty of Walking Trails
  • The Red Lion Inn (you can stay overnight or just hang out on the porch)
  • Kripalu
  • Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas annual celebrations.

Obviously, being a Berkshire native, I would have loved to see more of our county's towns make the list but Stockbridge is a fine representation of what our county has to offer. Go Stockbridge!

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