Everyone has heard of one of these famous delis like Carnegie Diner & Cafe, Katz's Delicatessen.

Katz Deli/Youtube

Delicatessens go hand in hand with NYC, and there are few things nothing could better than a delicious big pastrami sandwich with a side of pickles. But here in the Berkshires, we have some tasty treats from delis here.

Here are some of the great delis that people voted for on Trip Advisor as being the best here.

The Daily Grind

Daily Grind/ Facebook

The Daily Grind Adams Ma. They do breakfast and lunch, for Breakfast how about Brussel Sprout and Bacon Hash with 2 Eggs, for lunch try Ham and Cheese Melt on a Croissant, all kinds of delicious soups too.
You know the food must be good especially when they give you a heads up on Facebook.
The Daily Grind said:

Yes, there are times when we run out of a special or a soup. Soooooo if you have your heart set on something, please call early to reserve it and we will set it aside for you. We are unable to update or respond to Facebook during the day, Thank you for being AWESOME!

Facebook Delicatesse

If you are up on Route 2 near Shelburne Falls, I know not in Berkshire county but worth the drive. Stop in at Delicatesse they are at 8 Bridge St Very Small Storefront on Right Side of Street Just Before Iron Bridge. They Offer hand-rolled bagels, and fresh homemade foods inspired by NYC delicatessen cuisine and other counter-style food cultures. People who go there who goes there rave about their lox & bagels and latke plus they do all kinds of deli sandwiches too.

 Maria's European Delights

Marias' European Deli/Youtube

If you're in Pittsfield there is a little gem on North Street, Maria's European Delights. I went in and bought a corned beef deli sandwich which was very good, my husband Scott even chowed down on it, and he is not a fan of corned beef, but loved this one. It is the place for fresh rustic Polish, homemade fare. All kinds of jarred, canned and boxed imported delicacies, beautiful meats, bacon, sausages, and kielbasas, fresh cut. Baked items, homemade soups and stews and more. The sandwiches are truly overstuffed.

Great Barrington Bagel

Youtube/Great Barrington Bagel

Down South County, you have the Winner of Boston Magazine's "Best Lunch in the Berkshires" 2007 Great Barrington Bagel. Of course by the name they are a bagel shop, bakery & NY style delicatessen with the largest selection of smoked fish in the Berkshires.

Pappa Charlie's Deli

Youtube/papa charlie's deli

Now we are heading up to Williamstown to Pappa Charlie's Deli Sandwich, a vintage-looking deli, with a wall of fame and overstuffed sandwiches.

Samel's Deli & Catering

Samel's Deli & Catering/Youtube

Back to Pittsfield and a deli that has been in Pittsfield on Elm Street Samel's Deli & Catering has been there for years and I don't think any of us have had a bad sandwich or salad there, FYI, love their potato salad. They also do catering too.

So It's your turn to give us the scoop on where your favorite deli in the Berkshires is and what is the best thing they have on the menu.

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