Halloween is a dangerous time for me as I love shopping for Halloween candy not just for the trick-or-treaters but for myself. I make sure I always purchase enough candy to cover the kids that come to the door as well as my cravings. My wife and I get a decent amount of kids at our home in Pittsfield, sometimes between 50-75 trick-or-treaters so it's imperative we have enough candy on hand. We'll usually have a decent assortment on hand including Kit Kat, Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Twix just to name a few. We buy a couple of the variety bags so the trick-or-treaters get the best of all worlds.

Massachusetts's Current Favorite Candy is a Chocolaty Delight According to One Source 

Speaking of Twix, a study was conducted by Zippia and Twix turned out to be Massachusetts's favorite Halloween candy at least as of this writing. What's interesting is Candy Store has a different favorite Halloween candy for Massachusetts which goes to show different sources conduct their studies using different methodologies. Either way, Twix is quite the tasty treat in my opinion.

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George from "Seinfeld" Loves Massachusetts Favorite Halloween Candy as Well

Even George Costanza (played by Jason Alexander) in the television show 'Seinfeld' was a Twix fan. In "The Dealership" episode, George tried all he could just to try to get a Twix bar from the car dealership's vending machine but his efforts were snakebitten. He even caught many of the employees and customers at the dealership eating Twix bars including a guilty mechanic during a candy lineup that George staged. This was all too funny, a bit of a gut buster if you ask me. Check out George's Twix rage below.

Do you agree that Twix should be the king or would you select another Halloween candy for the top spot?

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