With throngs of college students heading to school for the fall semester, bringing with them the risk of a coronavirus surge, Gov. Charlie Baker urged them Tuesday to “be smart."

From a story reported on by Western Mass News, Governor Baker, during a news conference Tuesday, told students to think of the health of their professors, proctors and advisers.

I think the most important thing I would say to kids is, wear the face covering, follow the rules, and recognize and understand that if you do that, your chances of both staying healthy, but your chances also of not being in a situation where you would make someone else unhealthy, are much better.

Governor Charles Baker

Baker went on to say, "There are ways people can behave that either make this less of an issue or more of an issue. And the more we do to make it less of an issue, the more we can do to get back to what people would like to say is something closer to normal.”

Tuesday's news conference, announcing improvements to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's trolley tracks, was held outdoors at the Museum of Fine Arts stop on the MBTA's Green Line E branch.

For more on the story, visit Western Mass News' website here.

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