The dairy industry in Massachusetts is shrinking and struggling to survive due to the current low price of wholesale milk. Currently, there are less than 150 dairy farms left in The Bay State as The Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation has been advocating to assist dairy farms and you can also do your part in helping to save this valuable resource in our rural communities.

MFBF President Mark Amato reiterated the price paid to these farmers is dictated by federal programs and to assist these margins, the organization supports H.B. 3908, an act that is relative to the state's dairy farm tax credit as dairy farmers will be able to receive a refundable tax credit for extended periods of time when the cost of production exceeds the price of milk. However, the $4 million dollar cap has not been adequate to serve the needs of dairy farmers statewide.

The Massachusetts House Of Representatives included an amendment in their budget which raises the tax credit cap to $6 million. If The Bay State's Senate, concurs in conference committee, this revision will head to Governor Charlie Baker's desk for final approval in Boston.

Here is where you can help. Join online and show your support for the Massachusetts dairy and livestock industries. Log on here or go to for more information.

(information take from a press relase sent to WSBS from Massachusetts Farm Bureau for online and on-air use)