This week is National Emergency Medical Services Week and Southern Berkshire Ambulance is sharing tips in what to do during an emergency as well as emergency preparedness.

Southern Berkshire Ambulance wants you to know that what you do before an emergency is just as important as what you do during an emergency. They want you to prepare yourself by posting emergency telephone numbers for your area on each telephone. They also want you to make sure your house numbers are clear and visible from the street. You are encouraged to contact your local Fire Department for 911 address signs. If you need emergency services at night, the ambulance urges you to turn on the outside lights to help responders find your location.

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When speaking to dispatchers, be prepared to tell what had happened, where it has happened, and your telephone number. Southern Berkshire Ambulance says to stay on the line until the dispatcher tells you to hang up. You can make the difference when seconds count.

You can get more information about Southern Berkshire Ambulance by going here.

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