These days, the cost of nearly everything keeps going up and up.  With costs out of control, who’s not looking for a deal?  This is especially true for those of us who are still Christmas shopping.

Well, if you consider yourself a retail treasure hunter, there are a handful of stores in Maine and Massachusetts that you need to check out.

Often referred to as “bin stores”, these shops sell returned items from major retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, dirt cheap.

They’re called “bin stores” because the merchandise is typically located in large bins.  Customers rummage through the bins looking for items that interest them.  You never know what you are going to find in those bins.  Most stores will have everything from electronics, to kitchenware, to appliances, to toys.  A visit to one of these stores can be a real treasure hunt.

Sometimes, they even stock some really unique items.  Stuff that the average person would have no use for, but that a radio DJ or podcaster would love to have.  At Loot, in the Marketplace Augusta, I was once able to get a microphone boom valued at $50 for $10.

James Hu / Unsplash
James Hu / Unsplash

While each stores operates a little differently, in most cases, the prices are a flat rate for each item.  The prices drop with every passing day following a store restock.  So, if the store is closed for restocking on Monday, the price on Tuesday might be $20.  The price on Wednesday could be $17.  On Thursday, it would be $15.  You get the idea.

So, if you want the best selection, go on the day after they restock.  If you want the cheapest prices, go just before they restock.  Of course, the closer they get to the restocking day, the more limited the selection of items.

In Maine you can visit:

  • -Loot – Marketplace at Augusta
  • -Buck Luck: The Bin Store – Scarborough

In Massachusetts you can visit:

  • -Black Friday Bin Store – West Springfield
  • -Treasure Bin Liquidators – Springfield
  • -Bob’s Bins – Ludlow

Of course, there are bib stores in nearly every state.  Check out the Bin Store Finder website for a state-by-state list.

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