The Locker Room Sports Pub in the town of Lee is the latest eatery to temporarily shut down to the scare of the increasing COVID-19 cases in Berkshire County.

This past Thursday, the Locker Room had a message on their Facebook page stating that they were going to shift to takeout only. Below is the message from the Locker Room's Facebook page:

The decision has been made and the Locker Room will go to takeout only starting Friday the 13th. We have been fortunate to open and get back to business “as usual”, but It feels like the right thing to do at this time. This was our decision to keep our staff safe and healthy as we experience increase cases in the Berkshires. We want to thank all of you for your support and we hope you ring our take out bell soon. It was recently installed by our School Street entrance.

However, an updated post from this past Monday stated the following:

The LR will be closed for the next few days out of abundance of caution due to a COVID scare. We plan to reopen once we have completed all procedures to ensure a safe environment!

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We can see as COVID-19 cases in the Berkshires continue to rise, more and more eateries are going to close and in many places, take Great Barrington for example, it's encouraged that restaurants shut down or at least shift to takeout, curbside and/or delivery in order to keep the local community healthy and safe.

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