Here in Massachusetts, small towns are a statewide staple and one of the finest offerings include various dining options. Foodies will discover small town eateries are dominated by family-owned, locally based restaurants and cafes that offer their customers an atmosphere where the surroundings are warm and they offer a welcoming atmosphere. Many of these establishments offer classic comfort food and desserts. How does a delicious lobster roll sound? Let me elaborate further:

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Rockport is only about one hour north of Boston. the vicinity is full of arts and culture, shopping, dining and scenic views. The Roy Moore Lobster Company in Rockport has received the honor of being the best small-town restaurant all across The Bay State. Massachusetts.

According to's web site, they offer a favorable endorsement:

Cooked lobster tails with lemon & dill
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"Lobster in the town of Rockport doesn’t come fresher at this old-fashioned fish shack, The establishment offers cooked lobster plus clams filled with stuffing, oysters, smoked salmon, fishcakes, comforting chowder, crispy shrimp, and haddock. You place your order by approaching the counter, then find a seat on the deck if available. Keep in mind that the shack shuts down during the off-season". 

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Customer reviews have been extraordinary as they reflect LoveFood’s ranking. Here is a top-notch review from an enthusiastic customer who left positive comments while dining at the popular shoreline eatery:


"Roy Moore Lobster is where I ate my first lobster roll and WOW it was delicious. Chilled fresh off the boat lobster with a very light coating of mayonnaise in a soft buttery roll"

Another satisfied customer left a review and said its worth the visit, but be prepared for a long wait before consuming their fine fare:

“It’s pretty hard not to visit Roy Moore’s when visiting Rockport. Knowing how long the lines could get here we made here our first stop when visiting Rockport,

Check out LoveFoods web site by going here for more exciting stop overs to enhance your dining experience.

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(Photo images courtesy of Roy Moore Lobster company's Facebook page)

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