Fall officially begins on Saturday, September 23, 2023, at 2:50 a.m. EDT with the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox. After a scorching summer for many areas (remember how hot and humid it was in July and in the early part of September), cooler temperatures are always a welcome relief. So, when will this fall deliver those chilly days? Is there snow in the forecast? Here’s what the Farmers’ Almanac is predicting:

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Cooler and drier weather should take hold in our backyard during the fall, followed by a spell of cold and unsettled conditions in November and December. With the exception of the Southeast, where normal autumnal temperatures will prevail, the rest of the nation will experience a trend toward lower-than-normal temps. And most locations will experience above-normal precipitation, save for the Pacific Northwest where near-normal precipitation is expected.

Beautiful fall foliage in the northeast USA
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Keep in mind on October 14th, one of Nature’s great shows, a "Ring of Fire solar eclipse" will sweep southeast from the coast of Oregon to south Texas—a prelude to the Great North America Total Solar Eclipse which occurs in April 2024. They expect generally fair skies and chilly conditions along much of the eclipse track. The Man In Black can best describe this situation in this CLASSIC from 1963:

We’ve all been gradually losing minutes of precious daylight since the summer solstice took place as Mother Nature will begin the process of the changing of colors of deciduous tree leaves. In our immediate vicinity, here are the peak dates to check out the fall colors:


MASSACHUSETTS: Inland: October 5th to the 21st. Coastal: October 12 to the 28th

NEW YORK: September 28th to October 28th (depending on elevation and distance from the coast)

CONNECTICUT: October 12th to the 28th

VERMONT: Northern from September 24th to October 10th, Southern between October 5th and 14th.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Inland from September 28th to October 9th, coastal between October 19th and November 4th.

Postman working during a snow storm.

Watch for some snow to enter the picture in the fall, especially over higher terrain areas. (Check out your forecasts here.) During the second week of November, we choose to hoist a red flag for the high-terrain areas of the southwestern US for an unusually early heavy snowfall.

Turkey Pic with pumpkins

Whatever your plans are for Thanksgiving this year, we will keep you posted down the road on the latest weather conditions weather so you’ll be prepared to take that all-important trip during the long weekend.

BOTTOM LINE: Let's monitor the situation together and see if they are correct in their latest predictions. As Asia says "Only Time Will Tell"

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