The capital city of Boston has many historic sites which includes some of the oldest restaurants. The majority of these eateries were established in the 19TH century when restaurants first became popular in our vicinity. eating out is considered a ritual for many Bay State residents. If you want to become a part of history, you must make a stop at this establishment for lunch or dinner:

The Union Oyster House Restaurant is a necessary destination on your next trip out east:

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Located at 41 Union Street in Boston, they have been serving up fine fare since their grand opening back in 1826. Their specialty of traditional New England cuisine and seafood has been a popular mainstay for those who are looking for a "different" type of cuisine and they do NOT disappoint.

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To refresh your memory, this restaurant was originally known as Atwood’s Oyster House. From 1842 to 1860, it was known as Atwood & Hawes and from the late 1800s until 1916 it was known as Atwood & Bacon. In 1913, the Atwood family sold the property to the Fitzgerald family who renamed it The Union Oyster House in 1916. The Fitzgerald family later sold the restaurant in 1927.

Mary Jane White/Cohen & White Associates
Mary Jane White/Cohen & White Associates

They expanded in 1933 when a second floor dining room was added. Around 1940, the Greaves brothers from Nova Scotia claimed ownership as they added three new dining rooms on the second floor and installed a new kitchen and bakery.

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The Greaves brothers became proprietors of this establishment and then sold the famous edifice to Joseph Milano in 1970, as his family continues to remain in business to this day.

The iconic building was built in 1742, making it one of the 10 OLDEST buildings statewide as the property was designated as a national historical landmark in 2003.

For more information, you can log on to their web site by going here.

BOTTOM LINE: Worth the trip! Buon appetit!

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