This past Sunday, Great Barrington Rotary hosted the 13th annual Truck Day event at Ski Butternut. This year Truck Day was combined with Pumpkin Fest and the attendees were having a blast. Especially the kids. I was there to witness the kids participate in the ATV pull. Mark Decelle from Rotary was seated on the ATV and teams of kids were pulling the rope. Some of the teams pulled Mark across the makeshift track pretty quickly. Those teams must have been comprised of powerlifters.

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In addition, kids were really enjoying climbing all over the vehicles, getting inside, and honking the horns. If you were at the event for any length of time, you heard horns and sirens going off on a regular basis. It was nice to see the youngsters enjoying themselves.

In staying with classic Truck Day tradition, there were a few beater cars set up for the kids to go paint crazy as they covered the vehicles in multiple colors. See photos below.

One new attraction that I missed due to the fact that I had to bounce early for another commitment was the giant pumpkin drop. Rotary had a huge crane set up and at 2 pm, they hoisted the pumpkin up on the crane and dropped it into a kiddie pool for a BIG splash. If you were unable to witness the pumpkin drop, you can check out the video below. It's quite the sight, that's for sure.

Thanks to Jack Taliercio for sharing the video in the Great Barrington Community Group.

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