Bay Stste residents, take note: The U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service has adjusted SNAP maximum allotments, deductions and income eligibility at the beginning of each federal fiscal year and that translates into good news for those facing hardships during these tough economic times.

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Starting October 1st, these revised adjustments are based on the cost of living adjustments stemming from the amount of money needed to support a basic standard of living. In 2024, the FNS increased maximum allotments and shelter caps for most U.S. states and territories. According to the USDA web site, the maximum allotments for a family of four will total $973 in 48 states (which also includes our tri-state region of Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut).

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Be aware that shelter cap values refer to the amount of money SNAP recipients can deduct for rent, repair costs and utilities could exceed half of their net income when calculating benefits. Unless one person in the household is elderly or disabled, the shelter cap has increased by $48 with the revised total going up to $672.

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The resource limit for all states and territories remains unchanged at $2,750. For households where at least one person is age 60 or older, or is disabled, this limit will also remain unchanged at $4,250.


A monthly payment of $973 for a family of four breaks down to roughly $8 per day per person. The Urban Institute found that a modestly priced meal costs $3.14 based on the last quarter of 2022 which is 15% more than the maximum SNAP benefit. The report also noted that benefits did not cover the cost of a meal in 99% of counties last year as SNAP was never intended to cover all food costs, but in the long run this proves to be a big help for those who are trying to make ends meet on a daily basis.

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