You are settling down and taking it easy when your mind is yearning for a snack. But this situation could wind up a mess on your clothes or on the floor. Blame it on the  crumbs that fall off your food and you wind up with the arduous task of cleaning them up so as not to attract vermon as they await to eat the residue which consists of small fragments of food. Quite often they drop from pieces of bread, but there are many other edible items that also pose a problem and who gets stuck picking up after them: YOU!

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How are Bay State residents fighting to solve this problem? Cleaning up is s such a royal pain as my suggestion is to have a waste basket, a broom and dustpan nearby to dispose of these nuisance leftovers. Children are more prone to leave crumbs, but adults are not immune to picking up this mess after you are craving a snack. this is why I enjoy eating out as I don't have to do any dishes or follow-up on being dainty.

Bag of Potato Chips

Potato chips are the biggest culprit, so make sure you have a plate handy and throw whatever would go on the floor to the garbage can. Eating can be such a task due to the maintenance that follows along the way and I am NOT the type that likes to pick up after myself. You might as well call me an Oscar Madison clone and that's a fact!

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Another culprit: Granola bars. By now, you know the struggle: a steady and ruinous rain of crumbs from the moment you open the package. Boy what a mess they leave after eating them. Nature Valley offers some tips on how to consume these snacks without making a mess.

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Statistics show it's just mind boggling that 75% of people who eat in leave a mess (present company included) this usually occurs when you watch TV as people try to grab a snack during the commercial break and then your favorite show reappears out of nowhere, so you run back with snack in hand and I don't have to go any further on this one!

Pieces of toast on the ground surrounded in crumbs.

BOTTOM LINE: People have an intolerance for crumbs, but it's something that just won't go away. Massachusetts needs to find alternatives in getting rid of these pesky and annoying pieces of residue which follows us with a vengeance. Crumbs are like bad pennies which will linger in our daily lives as we need to be more careful while eating at ALL times!

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