As the weather gets warmer, we will receive plenty of visitors from outside The Berkshires and some tourists enjoy the tranquility of our area. Believe me, we have an assortment of small towns that would fit the bill as western Massachusetts also attracts our neighbors from northwestern Connecticut and eastern New York. Make plans to get away and forget about your troubles for a few days. In other words, time to TUNE OUT and enjoy some of the simple things in life right here in our backyard.

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Mount Washington is known as "The Town Among The Clouds" which straddles the New York and Connecticut borders, It is located in the southwestern portion of Berkshire county. The average population is 160 full-time residents and the area's main attraction is an ongoing tradition taking place for over 85 years is the annual Church Fair which is held on the first Saturday in August as the townspeople come together for decades to work as a community to raise money for charity.

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New Ashford is located just north of Pittsfield. The population does not exceed 250 people as the location has proximity to major cities in our vicinity including Williamstown, Adams, Cheshire, Lanesborough, Hancock and Pittsfield. bordered. New Ashford is closer to both Hartford and Albany than its own state capital of Boston. it's an ideal getaway for hikers as the terrain is a convenient area parallel to Mount Greylock, Brodie Mountain plus The Taconic and Saddle Book Mountains. The main artery is route 7 with some excellent accommodations in the Northern Berkshire area.

Jesse Stewart, Townsquare Media
Jesse Stewart, Townsquare Media

Tyringham has 427 residents who call this Berkshire area home year round. It truly is a prime getaway for those who want to leave the modern world behind as it's proximity to Lee, Great Barrington and Pittsfield also plays a role in making this village a prime destination where you can also find some lodging that gets you away from the modern day living. This vicinity also identifies as an agricultural community that includes active working farms. Hikers will find this area appealing as The  Appalachian Trail passes through the town, a reflection of its remoteness. It winds down Sky Hill then sweeps through the valley along Main Road. If you ask me, "Ideal with a capital I" 

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Finally, if the mountains are in your immediate plans, Peru is the place to be. The population was 814 three years ago. best defined as a mountain town, it is located at  the highest mean altitude in Massachusetts and, along with neighboring Windsor it's one of only two municipalities with a elevation above 2,000 feet. Proceed with caution if you visit during the winter months. Much of Peru is forested, as the northern third of this town is covered by a wildlife management area. Peru is bisected by Massachusetts route 143 passing from east to west. No other state roads pass through the town as The Mass Pike is over 20 miles away but if you want to commune with your thoughts, this is the place to be!

BOTTOM LINE: Leave the phones and gadgets behind as we have some solutions for a peaceful getaway. And you'll find some prime examples right here in Berkshire county.

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