Summer is just about here and Berkshire County residents have been enjoying some beautiful weather as of late. Berkshire County is truly a prime destination for outdoor summer activity. Whether you want to take a hike throughout Monument Mountain Reservation or up Mount Greylock or the many other hiking trails throughout our county, the Berkshires has you covered.

Swimming is another popular activity throughout the Berkshires. Some popular lakes in the area include Onota Lake in Pittsfield, Lake Mansfield in Great Barrington, Windsor Lake in North Adams, Lake Buel in Monterey/New Marlborough, and North Pond in the Town of  Florida (just to name a few). There are enough swimming options in the Berkshires to keep you busy throughout the summer.

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You get the idea. Berkshire County is packed with summer activities to the point where one can never complain about being bored. The Berkshires are also a great location for playing sports as you have a beautiful backdrop while you're involved in serious competition or are just having an informal game with friends. Speaking of participating in sports in the Berkshires. I recently saw on Facebook, that the community is invited to participate in Beach Volleyball Wednesday evenings at 5:00 p.m. at French Park in Egremont. All you need to do is show up and you can participate in the fun.

French Park is a beautiful park as I have participated in many live remote broadcasts over the years for the "Fun Day" events that were sponsored by Blue Rider Stables. If you're a fan of volleyball or just want to play, you won't want to pass this up. You can get more information about French Park by going here.

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