During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Berkshire County residents had their lives turned upside down as a number of local businesses closed and many employees had to face unemployment. Some families are still struggling to make ends meet. When you combine unemployment, and increasing gas, food, and rent costs, it's become very challenging for a family to afford to live in the Berkshires (along with many other areas) as displayed by the long waiting list for affordable housing. In addition, as discussed in past interviews, some folks drive anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to come to work in the Berkshires. It certainly can be a tough nut to crack.

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With All of That Said There is Some Help for Those, Particularly Berkshire County Women Who are Seeking Professional Work or Who Want to Bring Their Career to the Next Level

If you are a woman who lives or works in Berkshire County or if you are currently seeking employment in Berkshire County, you have an opportunity to apply for the 2022 Career Advancement Scholarship where you could receive anywhere from $250 to $2,500. According to the Berkshire Business and Professional Women Organization (the organization that is offering the scholarship), you may apply for this scholarship if you are pursuing education, training, certification, or licensure to advance your career. Go here for complete eligibility requirements.

This is a great way to take that next step in your career. You can get more information and apply for the scholarship by going here. You may apply right now through June 17, 2022. Good luck.

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