As of late when I'm driving through the Berkshires, I have seen a couple of houses with green porch lights on display. They actually look pretty cool and I think I would like to have one outside my home in Pittsfield. But there must be some kind of meaning behind the color green.

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Why are Some Berkshire County Residents Opting to Have Green Porch Lights on Display? 

As you probably can guess, if you see a green porch light specifically during the month of March it's a way of recognizing and celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. This makes sense as to why I have seen a couple of green-colored porch lights lately. However, one of the green porch lights that I drive by on a regular basis in Pittsfield has been on display for the past couple of months. So there could be another reason for seeing this green porch light.

What are Some Other Reasons Berkshire County Residents are Putting Green Porch Lights on Display? 

Aside from Saint Patrick's Day, people could display green porch lights as a way to recognize and show appreciation toward military veterans. They could be doing this all year round which makes sense or specifically during the month of May as a way to pay tribute and recognize Memorial Day. This is according to Restore Decor and More.  You would also see green porch lights specifically during the month of May as part of Lyme Disease Awareness month. Ticks are often green, hence the green porch lights. Whatever the reason, the green porch lights look pretty slick. Don't you agree?

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