One thing that people, especially kids love about the Berkshires is being able to go sledding and snow tubing in the winter. We currently have prime conditions in Berkshire County for these outdoor activities.  For many, these are very safe pastimes especially under proper supervision from parents/guardians. However, my experience was a bit different.

I Was a Bit Reckless When Sledding and Snowtubing as a Youngster in Berkshire County.

It's amazing what kids were able to get away with back in the day. Growing up, I lived on top of a hill on Cady Street in North Adams. The street had a huge incline. I would take my sled, place it on the sidewalk in front of my house and slide on it from the top of Cady Street, all the way to the bottom of the street by Johnson School, blowing past the North Street intersection. I was about 9 or 10 at the time.  That was a big risk and downright dangerous. Sometimes, I would have a friend stand at the North Street intersection to let me know if I was clear and sometimes, stupidly, I did not. Luckily, I was never injured but I did come close to getting hit by a car. Kids, don't try that at home....ever! By the way, go here to see the #1 reason for winter car accidents in MassachusettsBut That's Not All...I Had Another Incident (Read Below) 

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At Age 18 I Wasn't Any Smarter When I Went Snow Tubing in Berkshire County

During my senior year of high school my then-girlfriend (now wife) Amber, and I decided to go to Forest Park Country Club in Adams during the winter with some friends for a day of snow tubing and sledding. There is a huge hill that kids would sled on at that location. I had the idea of putting two of us on the snow tube. Wouldn't you know it, we were unable to dodge one of the snow-made jumps, flew right over it, and both of us landed on my right arm. I wasn't so lucky this time as parts of the bone in my arm were shattered. Surgery was required and to this day I still have pins and plates in my arm from the operation. Check out the scar.

Check Out This Tubing Fail

As I mentioned earlier, the Berkshires are a prime location for sledding & tubing and families should definitely partake in those activities. Just don't do them the way I did ...reckless to say the least.

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