Do you ever find yourself coming up with really good ideas in the shower? For me, I'm always thinking about what my next post is going to be. Often, I'll search for ideas but I'm not always satisfied with what I'm seeing. Some days I feel like I'll never come up with my next writing topic. Writer's block is definitely not a friend when you're trying to write and publish content five days a week.

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I often find that when I'm not trying so hard to come up with a topic, one will just pop in my head or fall into my lap and this happens at times when I'm in the shower. Some of my past posts that have been successful were formed and floating around in my head when I was taking a shower including a spooky one that I published last fall entitled A Creature Stalks Berkshire County's Coca-Cola Ledge?

Why Does This Happen? Why Do We Come Up with Good Ideas in the Shower? Why do Ideas Come Easier in the shower?

Think about it. In the shower, you're a bit relaxed, you're in a safe environment and your mind is free to wander. As a matter of fact, an article from theindifference echos this claim. The article that was written by Eric Torrence entitled "Do Your Best Ideas Come in the Shower" states the following:

Showers are a safe place that provides “a dopamine high, relaxed state, and distracted mind,” factors that are ideal for the creativity and idea formation. Dopamine, critical to creativity, is released when we’re relaxed, feeling great, listening to music, exercising, and yes, taking a shower.

Next time you're in the shower and you come up with your next best idea, make sure you have a notepad nearby.

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