With the warmer weather here and the arrival of summer soon, you're likely seeing more insect-like activity including mosquitos, ticks, bees, and the typical type of flying activity you would normally see this time of year. Another insect is about to make an appearance in Massachusetts and this bug is tiny but painful.

Biting Midges a.k.a. No-see-ums are tiny insects that bite humans, which in turn causes pain and heavy bleeding. The problem is we rarely see when these insects are biting us because they are so small...about the same length as a credit card is wide. If you spend much of your late spring and summer months outside, there's a good chance you could get bit by this insect without seeing it occur.

According to Sachem Pest Control biting midges reproduce in massive numbers in salt marshes and coastal areas, making them common insect pests in Massachusetts during the spring and summer months. Areas like Cape Cod in particular are familiar with pesky Biting Midge activity but these insects can also be found in other areas of Massachusetts. In addition, their mouthparts are outfitted with four blade-like features that lacerate skin, resulting in a painful burning sensation. Red dots and itchy welts can be found on your skin after being bitten by a Biting Midge.

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It should be noted that only the female Biting Midges bite as they need to consume blood to provide nutrition for the eggs. These bugs are active during nighttime hours and enter homes on a regular basis. Check out the video below from Animal Fact Files to learn more about Biting Midges.

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