With the pandemic in the rearview (kind of) many folks throughout Berkshire County are still feeling the financial effects that COVID caused over these past two-plus years. Some families have to prioritize which bills to pay in a given month while others have had to set up payment plans. Other Berkshire County families are having a difficult time finding affordable housing while current renters and/or homeowners can barely pay their rents or mortgages. With the colder temperatures settling in, some Berkshire County folks will surely have to go on fuel assistance this winter. Then there is the food aspect.

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The cost of food has drastically risen over the past several months not just in Berkshire County but throughout the country as well. Just trying to get food on the table for the family can be a challenge. Food pantries throughout the Berkshires are struggling to keep food on the shelves so much so that for the first time in 23 years, the People's Pantry of Great Barrington is hosting a fundraiser which you can read more about by going here.

There's Some Good News for Berkshire County Folks That are on SNAP

For Berkshire County residents that pay for food items via SNAP EBT (and you can find out about SNAP eligibility by going here) you now can make online SNAP EBT payments at BJ's Wholesale Club in Pittsfield. As a matter of fact, the entire BJ's chain is accepting online SNAP EBT payments. In a September 2022 article published by Winsight Grocery Business,  Monica Schwartz, EVP, and chief digital officer of BJ’s Wholesale Club made the following statement regarding the online payments option.

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve been actively working to expand our online SNAP EBT payment options for our members across all the states we currently do business in. We’re excited to announce that SNAP EBT payments are accepted online chainwide, allowing us to offer even more flexibility and convenience to all of our members.

You can learn more and check out the entire article by going here. It may seem like a small convenience but this is sure to save folks a lot of time when doing their shopping at BJ's.

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