The need for volunteer help at nonprofits across Berkshire County is great, and with the launch of their new Volunteer Center, Berkshire United Way (BUW) will help connect community members with volunteer opportunities.

BUW announced in a media release that the BUW Volunteer Center is a web-based software hosted by Galaxy Digital and managed by Brenda Petell, director of volunteer engagement at BUW. Nonprofits create and update their own profile and provide volunteer opportunities, and individuals simply login and sign up directly with an agency to volunteer.

“There is a need for centralized volunteer coordination in the county now more than ever,” said Candace Winkler, BUW president and CEO. “Because of our long-standing relationships with businesses and employees in Berkshire County and our work with nonprofits, BUW is in a great position to help facilitate this important form of giving. Many nonprofits have lost volunteers during this public health crisis and are re-envisioning how to safely engage community members in their work. We are excited to assist in their efforts.”

“Expanding 18 Degrees’ ability to attract volunteers is vital to our work to promote the well-being and strengths of children, young people and families in our community. Through the BUW Volunteer Center, we hope to gain access to volunteers who may not know us yet to join us in serving our neighbors. We appreciate Berkshire United Way’s efforts to connect volunteers to the needs of our community,” said Erin Sullivan, 18 Degrees vice president of community and donor relations.

Berkshire United Way is excited that their new volunteer program has already made critical connections for partner agencies. Any nonprofit in the county can utilize the Volunteer platform, free of charge, to post opportunities.

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The BUW Volunteer Center is possible thanks to the generous support of Greylock Federal Credit Union. They have long supported BUW’s work in the community and recognize the value add of fulfilling volunteer needs in a more streamlined way.

"The BUW Volunteer Center will bring volunteers and nonprofits together to help the community thrive." said Greylock Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer JamieEllen Monchecci. "Greylock is proud to support these efforts to bring heightened levels of cooperation and efficiency to our common goals."

To learn more or for help getting set up in the Volunteer Center, contact Petell at or go here.

(information and photo sent to WSBS from the Berkshire United Way for online/on-air use) 

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