Residents of the Berkshires know that our county is quite the gem, that's why they live here. Others hear about Berkshire County from afar and after visiting and touring the area, fall in love with our culture and sights and as a result, make Berkshire County their new home or second home. Who could blame them? The Berkshires has something for everyone whether it's food, arts, music, theater, museums, beautiful natural bodies of water and the list goes on and on. Not to mention the people.

The People of Berkshire County are the Best, Bar None

Have you ever noticed the friendliness of the folks here in the Berkshires? Working in radio for almost two decades I can say the guests that have come in and out of the studio doors are consistently in a good mood, smiling and thankful to be living in the Berkshires. That attitude is infectious. Not only are people happy to be living in the Berkshires, they also make sure they help those that are in need through monetary donations, food donations, checking on a neighbor, offering rides to those in need, etc. I have seen and heard about these actions time and time again. Berkshire County residents are there for one another. These acts of kindness are part of our everyday culture. It's our way of life which is one of the big reasons why people want to be a part of the Berkshire way of life.

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What About Berkshire County During the Four Seasons? 

Another aspect of the Berkshires that many find peaceful, enjoyable, and attractive is the four seasons. Berkshire County looks great against any seasonal backdrop but with fall not too far off in the distance, let's take a look at 5 examples of why Berkshire County is a great place to be during the fall season.

5 Reasons Why Berkshire County is the Place to be During the Fall Months

Those are just five great reasons why Berkshire County is a prime place to be during the fall. What would you add to the list?

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