Here's another great example of how the Great Barrington Department continues to put the community first. These professionals truly care about our safety and well being as the department continues to learn how to deal with and accomplish new and unique challenges.

This past Monday members of GBFD worked to free "victims" from a strange predicament - getting stuck in a washing machine. As part of the "Man vs. Machine" series, rescuers had to come up with safe and effective ways to efficiently provide patient care, create a safe work area for rescuers, and free the victim from their entrapment without causing further injury to the victim. Sounds easy, right? Not really - powerful tools, strong metal, soft flesh, and a confined space when all thrown into the spin cycle can be quite challenging. At the end of the day, we were able to rescue all of the victims safely from their entrapment, and we learned a little bit more on how to win the war against the machine. Disclaimer - No manikins were harmed during this training Call us if you need us - we'll be here for you.

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