As we return to a sense of normal routines throughout the tri-state region, there is one thing missing on the agenda and that's going to see a film at your local movie theater as they remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But there is an alternative: Gather the family and take a ride to The Daniel Arts Center parking lot at Bard College @ Simon's Rock as the Alford Road campus in Great Barrington is teaming up with The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center to present a variety of classic family friendly movies every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening.

Here are some guidelines that need to be followed prior to attending a featured film as this summer event will continue until Saturday, September 5th 2020.


Gates will open at 7:45 pm. All vehicles should arrive no later than 8:30 pm. Showtime is set for 9 pm.

All tickets should be purchased in advance prior to arrival by logging on here  

You can also call the Mahaiwe Box Office at (413) 528-0100 Wednesdays through Saturdays between the hours of 12 noon and 4 pm. 

Prior to arrival, make sure you have your tickets printed out out of your confirmation  email or take a photo and display your admission pass to the desired show via your mobile device.


No social gatherings are permitted outside your vehicle as per The Commonwealth of Massachusetts COVID-19 regulations. Follow all employee instructions including a possible move to re-park your vehicle. Failure to comply could result in ejection without a refund. Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis as patrons can not hold spaces for others and you must remain in your vehicle while visiting the drive-in. If you need to purchase concessions or use the rest room, masks must be worn and social distancing guidelines will be strictly enforced.

Tailgating while sitting in your vehicle with an open hatch will be allowed and hatches have to be tied down to at least one inch below the vehicles roof. Masks MUST be worn at all times. Lawn chair set-ups are NOT allowed. Weapons and alcoholic beverages can not be brought to the drive-in property. Guests will NOT be allowed to enter The Daniel Arts Center building.


All patrons MUST turn off their engine and headlights. Audio will play through your vehicle's radio or you can bring a portable receiver and tune in to 104.3 on your FM dial. If you own a car 10 years or older or a classic-antique car, it is suggested you bring the portable radio for better audio quality. Those opting to tune in via their car should go to accessory (ACC) mode to avoid draining the battery. A Mahaiwe drive-in employee will stand by to provide assistance if your car cannot start at the conclusion of the show.


The drive-in will have a total of 3 clean and sanitized facilities on site. Patrons must take proper precautions to help prevent the spread of germs and disease, wash your hands and clean up after yourself after usage.


The weather could hamper future performances. Patrons have the option of obtaining a full refund as cancellation announcements will made at least 90 minutes prior to the designated show. You will receive a cancellation e mail and check the Mahaiwe's web site to check the status of each movie in case inclement weather sets in. If the event is not marked as cancelled, the scheduled performance will go on as scheduled.

You can also bring meals or purchase snacks, candy, beverages and the traditional movie staple, popcorn will be available from locally based concession stands. Best advice: Come on out and ENJOY the show!


Thursday, July 30th: "A League Of Their Own"

Friday, July 31st and Saturday, August 1st:"Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

Thursday, August 6th: "Beetlejuice"

Friday, August 7th and Saturday, August 8th: "The Princess Bride"

Thursday, August 13th: "American Graffiti"

Friday, August 14th: "The Weight Of The Water"

Saturday, August 15th: "Grease"

Thursday, August 20th; "The Never Ending Story"

Friday, August 21st and Saturday, August 22nd: "Jurassic Park"

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center for on-air and on-line usage)

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