They say there are two guarantees in life which are death and taxes. For residents in the Berkshires, a third guarantee can be added and that's expect the unexpected when it comes to weather conditions. There's also a saying I've heard regarding our county which is "if you don't like the weather in the Berkshires, just wait 10 minutes."

It's a way of life in our county. The weather shifts all over the place. One day it can be 70-75 degrees and then the next day we can experience 40-45 degree temperatures. Not to mention, one day you can experience 60 degree temperatures and the very next day, we can see, well....snow. Nothing really surprises our residents weather wise. We've seen our fair share of snow during traditional warm months.

While not a major storm, or a storm at all, depending on which service you follow, the forecast is calling for some snow this Thursday evening into Friday morning before changing over to all rain. According to AccuWeather, we could see snow on Thursday night whereas the National Weather Service is calling for snow on Friday morning which could mix in with rain. As of this writing, amounts appear negligible but you know how it works around here, predictions can change on a dime.

While we're talking about snow occurring during unusual times of the year, which month that wasn't a winter month do you remember seeing a significant snowfall. May? June? July? Do you remember seeing any snow during the summer months? Feel free to chat us up by messaging us on the free WSBS app.

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