As popular as Taylor Swift is, you probably don't know her. You might think you do, but you don't. I thought I "knew" a celebrity once. Boston, Massachusetts once had a billiard club called "The Rack". This is where the slapping took place.

Unless it's Liam or Noel from the British rock band Oasis, I'm probably still a little gun shy about approaching celebrities after my Nomar Garciaparra snafu back in 2001.

Flavored vodka was all the rage back then and I had just turned 21 when some friends and I decided to hit up "The Rack" in Boston's Faneuil Hall. Back in the day, The Rack was kind of known for celebrity sightings, and it just so happens one of the Red Sox biggest stars was there that night.

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After about three Stoli Raspberry and Sprites, I decided to approach Mr. Garciaparra and say, "hello".

Nomar was quietly playing pool with some, what appeared to be friends, when I stumbled up to him, slapped him on the back and said, "Heyyyyy, what's up, man?!"


His response was a very angry, "Do I know you?".

I felt like a turd, a complete turd. I embarrassingly replied, "No, I'm just a fan and wanted to say hi."

Now, I'm sure Mr. Garciaparra has had to deal with drunk idiots throughout his career, but it's not cool. Yes, I know without the fans, players wouldn't become rich and famous; however, professional athletes are humans and they deserve our respect, especially when they are enjoying their own personal time.

So, Nomar, I know it's been 22 years, but I'm sorry for acting like a drunk jerk. Thank You for all the memories you brought my brothers and I over the years. You were a great player.

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