When Toys R' Us declared bankruptcy and announced they were closing all their stores back in 2018, I was devastated. I can remember making trips back from ether Boston or Hampton Beach, I used to beg my parents to stop at Toys R' Us on the way home at the Auburn MA. location just outside of Worcester.

Believe it or not, Toys R' Us was one of the reasons I broke into radio. How right? Back in the early 2000s they used to sell a toy called "Wild Planet DJ" which consisted of a tape deck, microphone, sound effects, and a transmitter that broadcasted a few feet in the house on 1610 AM. Sound quality was okay considering it being a toy, but hey you thought you were the king at the time hearing your voice over a radio!

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Anyways, that's my Toys R' Us history. So where are the locations now?

Macy's Toys "R" Us
Getty Images for Macy's, Inc.

When I heard that Toys R' Us was making a return in 2021, I was excited! Currently they are all setup and open for business inside Macy's Department stores across the state. I am actually pretty impressed with the selections considering the fact it's condensed inside a department store.

Here's a list of all 14 locations currently open in Massachusetts:

Auburn, Boston, Braintree, Burlington, Dartmouth, Hanover, Holyoke, Hyannis, Kingston, Marlborough, North Attleboro, Natick, Peabody and Saugus. - MassLive

For a list of all Toys R' Us locations, click here. Are you going to shop at Toys R' Us again this holiday season like the good ole' days? Let us know on our station app. 

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