February is National Children's Dental Health Month and this past Friday (Feb, 7) on the WSBS "Let's Talk" program we interviewed Dr. Casey Jones (general dentist) who practices in Lee. Casey has a passion for education as was evident in the interview. Dr. Jones provided the listeners with a fountain of information and a number of tips to get the little ones in the habit of practicing good oral health.

You can listen to the entire program below (the audio has been divided into two segments)


What is the The Oreo Challenge? 

(as posted by Dr. Jones on the WSBS Facebook page)

So here's the "Oreo Challenge" . . . You eat an Oreo and then you look in the mirror and see all of that black stuff stuck on your teeth . . . then you eat a couple slices or apple, a few carrots, or a piece of cheese and you notice that all of that black stuff goes away. What does that mean? Basically anything that stays on the tooth can cause cavities (the bacteria in the plaque on the teeth eats that food and produces acid which causes "cavities" or holes in the teeth). Lots of stuff that is marketed to kids as snacks . . . goldfish, pretzels, Cheerios, crackers, gummies, dried fruit . . . gets stuck in the grooves of the teeth, and since it is high in carbohydrates, can cause cavities over time. Just think about it the next time you or your child has a snack. If you still feel stuff stuck in your teeth and can't brush, grab a piece of cheese, carrot, or even a piece of gum (xylitol gum is best!). It is not just candy that causes cavities!

Listen to WSBS throughout the entire month of February for more oral health/dental tips from Dr. Casey Jones.

Article Image: Dr. Casey Jones

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