One thing that most of us look forward to each 4th of July is a beautiful fireworks display. Even though the forecast called for crummy weather over the weekend, we made out pretty good this past Sunday as a good chunk of the county was free from heavy rain and in many areas, no rain at all which means on with the light show.

If you live or were visiting Pittsfield on Sunday night, I'm sure you were able to hear some type of firework activity. Sometimes these displays went on for a couple of hours, so they were difficult to miss. In some cases, you have professionals lighting them off, for example, at Wahconah Park following the Pittsfield Suns game. In other cases, you have folks that light them off in parks and open spaces throughout the city. I practically had a front row seat to a fireworks show in my own backyard as there's a park directly behind my house which is where one of the many displays was taking place. I loved it.

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If you're a fan of fireworks, you were in for a real treat this past Sunday, but if you missed any of the firework displays that took place over the weekend we have good news for you. Not only can you experience one fireworks display that took place in Pittsfield but the following video posted in the Berkshire County Information Facebook group presents a visual of many displays taking place throughout the city. It's simply awesome. A special thanks to Joseph Forrest Jr, for shooting and sharing this video in the group.

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