Similar to the tick population, the bear population appears to be ramping up in the Berkshires and residents are capturing much of their activity on video. We shared a video last week from New Marlborough with three bears coming up to a resident's porch only to be "wooshed" away. If you missed it, checkout the video by going here. Then we found another video that we shared where a mama and her cub were minding their own business, just roaming around. That particular video was quite adorable. You can view that video by going here.

Now, we have found another video posted by a member in The Berkshires Facebook group of a Bear roaming around in a residential backyard on Morningview Drive in Pittsfield.

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We have included the video along with group member reaction comments below:

Here are the reactionary comments from members of the Facebook group

-In Coltsville no less

-He’s so cute

-That’s crazy!!

-Wow. Glad a dog wasn't there in the yard to greet the visitor.

-Oh my God

-Guess who’s coming to dinner?

-Looks like a yearling. They get separated from mom and often have no clue about people or pets. A yearling came in our yard last spring and tried to play with our dog. It was clueless. I scared it away by banging loudly on metal.

-I yelled and he ran off

-We called and spoke with someone from MA Dept of Conservation. They described yearlings as a typical nuisance due to their lack of experience with humans. Also, once they find food somewhere, they will likely make that location one of their stops. It's important for you and nearby neighbors to never leave anything outside, including trash of course. Even if a trash can is empty they will knock it open to check for food, so cans should be put away in a shed or garage. Once these yearlings stop finding food, they move on to other places...that's what the ranger described to us and we've followed this advice with good results.

-Not maybe, but undoubtedly! A bird feeder is just a box lunch for a bear!

-You shouldn’t have your bird feeder out now. That attracts bears.

-Morningview, so right around the corner. My feeders are in for the season

-Thanks for sharing... crazy to think

-Likely the same bear was seen on the trail to the boulders, last week.

-Good heavens.

-Wow! I love that fence too


-So much for fences.

-Has he invited guests?

-That's scary

-It’s not. Black bear are almost never violent, unless you do something rash.

-I didn't know that! I'm still scared,lol

-I never saw one single bear as I child. Now it’s a daily occurrence... What gives?

-Their habitat is shrinking

-There sure are a lot of sightings this year

-Wow, big boy

-Better not leave the screen door open 😳!
Or set up early for a cookout 😲

-I wish my neighbors had a pet like that

-We humans keep destroying their habitat, deal with it !

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