In continuing with our discussion of Massachusetts laws (check out the blasphemy law here), there's one incident of a motor vehicle violation that I saw come up on Facebook as the act recently occurred in Berkshire County.

This traffic violation seems to occur often in the Berkshires. I say this because we have received a few phone calls about this very violation in our southern Berkshire location. I have also seen discussions about it on social media. The violation at hand is how some Berkshire County motorists refuse to stop and wait for school buses to finish at their stops. Instead, some drivers just pass right by school buses even though the vehicles have the red lights flashing and their stop signs displayed. These motorists seem to be in a hurry and will do whatever it takes to get to their destination no matter what the risk.

A Prime Example of a Motorist Violating This Massachusetts Law was Posted to the Sheffield Police Department's Facebook page:

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What's The Punishment for Violating This Massachusetts Law? 

According to the Massachusetts Legislature, the first offense for violating this law is $250. The second offense is $500. The third offense is $1,000. After that, the violator's license could be revoked. You can read all of the details pertaining to this law by going here.

So for anyone that is traveling behind a school bus, remember to wait and let the bus finish its business before moving forward. Your wallet will thank you but more importantly, you'll be keeping children safe.

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