Another horrific mass shooting at a public school in our nation has prompted a response from the Massachusetts State Police. It was just another tragic day that has left families there, as well as teachers and local residents in mourning... and the nation shaking its collective heads in disbelief.

The Massachusetts State Police posted a statement on its Facebook page last night. Here is what was posted:

Colonel Christopher Mason and the Massachusetts State Police join the rest of our nation in mourning the loss of numerous children —18 as of this writing — and a teacher to an act of unimaginable evil today in Uvalde, Texas. Our hearts are broken for these innocent souls murdered by a gunman who entered the Robb Elementary School this afternoon, and we pray for them and their families. We stand, also, in solidarity with the emergency personnel who responded to the scene, including the officers and tactical units that ended the threat, and the paramedics and medical personnel who worked valiantly to save lives.

According to the latest count, a gunman killed at least 19 children and two adults at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday afternoon.


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President Biden addressed a grieving nation last night, calling out gun manufacturers, and asking the country to "stand up" against them. He also touched on the fact that it's too easy for an 18-year-old to walk into a gunshop and purchase a gun.

The shooter, shot and killed by police officers on Tuesday, apparently purchased the gun he used in this devastating shooting legally on his 18th birthday.


The Connecticut State Police posted a statement on the shooting this morning (5/25):

Statement of Colonel Stavros Mellekas regarding the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting:
On behalf of the men and women of the Connecticut State Police, we express our deepest sympathies to the people of Uvalde, Texas. This assault on the most innocent of our citizens is deeply disturbing and heartbreaking.
At this time, our focus will be on protecting all school populations here in our state. No specific threats have been received, but in the interest of safety, an increased presence of Troopers will be felt at Connecticut schools today.
The Connecticut State Police has full confidence in our well-trained State Troopers, who are prepared to address any school security issues should they arise.
If requested, the Connecticut State Police will assist law enforcement in Uvalde.
Our thoughts are with the families, school staff, first responders, and community of Uvalde.

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