You have to love the weather in Massachusetts. It's one of those things where it can be difficult to prepare what to wear because on any given day you could be wearing shorts and a t-shirt one minute but then sweaters and jeans the next. That's why I never really store my summer clothes away when it's winter and vice versa. I like to be ready for temperature-appropriate clothing at the drop of a dime.

Massachusetts Weather Has Been Mild Lately. Will it Stay That Way into the Winter Months?

October 2022 in Massachusetts had some inconsistent weather and temperatures. Sure we had some colder, wet days but there were also some beautiful days with mild temperatures that have leaked into November as well (I'm wearing shorts as I write this).

You May be Wondering Since October had Some Pretty Mild Weather and Now November is Also Having Some Mild Temperatures (at least for the first week or two), Will Massachusetts See a Mild Winter for 2022/2023?

According to veteran meteorologist Mark Rosenthal who spoke with our friends at The Shark, When you just have a few weeks of warmth early in November…that’s not a prelude to the rest of the winter.”

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According to The Shark's article, Rosenthal stressed that due to October’s unpredictability, one shouldn’t read too much into what November means for the coming months. Had October remained mild throughout, things could be very different.

Massachusetts May Not be That Lucky

In other words, a mild but inconsistent October along with a mild first couple of weeks for November doesn't necessarily mean that we are going to get a mild winter here in Massachusetts. Plus, you may remember what the Old Farmer's Almanac predicted for winter conditions in New England this year. If you missed that article, you can check it out by going here. In short, it may be a good idea to have a shovel handy because you never know.

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