After a long wait, The Winter Olympic Games will finally take center stage in Beijing, China as the COVID-19 pandemic forced a 2 year postponement on this event. There are many parameters regarding athletes being under strict quarantine, but when it comes to their respective competition, it will be their turn to shine amongst a worldwide audience. And what sport will Bay State residents be watching intently? We have the answer.

Skier skiing downhill in high mountains during sunny day.

Alpine Skiing seems to be the number one choice from The Berkshires to Boston as this event is also closely followed by those who call Florida (The Sunshine State) their home base. Cross country skiing is monitored closely south of the border in neighboring Connecticut while figure skating is a fan favorite in The Empire State. 

Woman and man ice skating. winter outdoors on ice rink. ice and legs

The top three winter sporting events that are closely watched include figure skating at number one in 23 of the 50 states (including New York as mentioned), luge comes in second as this resonates very well in The Ocean state (Rhode Island) and our northern New England neighbors of Maine are also fixated on this sliding sport as participants compete in speeds of anywhere between 77 and 93 miles per hour. Ice hockey takes the final spot at number three.

South Korea Enjoys Virtual Winter Olympic Sports One Year Ahead Of PyeongChang 2018
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The most searched sport continues to be curling, but this event did not make the top 5 this time around, however it's popularity continues to intensify as curling clubs continue to grow nationwide as residents in Minnesota and Wisconsin show their intense love for this extra curricular activity.

Check out a complete and detailed schedule of the Winter Olympic games which can be found here by accessing this link as viewers can follow their favorite sporting events. Once again, NBC-TV will provide comprehensive coverage from Beijing with opening ceremonies slated to commence on Friday night as this year's games will continue right up until Sunday, February 20th.

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